My Trips

Day Trips

Longer Trips

New Hampshire and Mount Washington


New York

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Mainely Maine (and a little New Hampshire)

Greatest Hits Tour



3 thoughts on “My Trips

  1. I saw you and you’re bike on your trip to Americade in June of 2013. I happened across your blog while searching for APRS tracker ideas for my own motorcycle and recognized your bike. You don’t see many PC’s out there. Are you still running a tracker on your bike? I checked but haven’t seen any recent activity.

    • Justin Hughes

      Wow, small world! I’m not running APRS on the bike anymore. My trips always seem to take me places with little or no APRS coverage, even with a mobile rig and 1/2 wave antenna. I also haven’t managed to take a decent road trip in a couple of years, either.

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