PC800 For Sale


It’s been a good run, but it’s time to go. After getting it back into better running condition than ever since I’ve owned it, I need to let go of my 1998 Honda Pacific Coast 800 that’s been featured extensively on this blog since I got it in the fall of 2012. I haven’t been doing any serious touring the past couple of years, and my day to day riding will be better served by the Suzuki Marauder I’m preparing to put back on the road. I don’t have space for multiple bikes, so this one needs to move along to a new home.

P10000821998 was the final year of PC800 production. According to Wikipedia, only about 510 were made this year. This is not a museum piece, however. I’ve put on the last 12,000 of the bike’s 59,000 total miles myself over the past three years. It features a ClearView windshield with an integrated vent, an aftermarket seat that keeps me comfortable on all day rides, a throttle locker, and a Givi E52 top trunk with the rare rack for the PC800. There’s a driving light to fill in where the weak headlight falls short, and an AdMore Lighting LED kit to light up the top trunk with running, brake, and turn lights in addition to the stock lighting. There’s a GoPro mount on the back side of the windshield for video free of wind noise, and a RAM mount ball on the dashboard for your GPS, phone, or whatever. I’ve removed the amateur radio I used for APRS, but if a custom bracket with an NMO antenna mount would be useful to you for a ham or CB radio I can include it.

P1000081This bike was out of commission much of last year, and I had a lot of work done on it by Central Mass Powersports to get it back into running condition. The clutch master and slave cylinders were rebuilt last year to fix a leak, and the front brakes are new. It has new spark plugs, wires, and used but good coils (new coils are no longer available from Honda), freshly cleaned carburetors, and two Metzeler ME880 tires with low miles. It runs better than ever now, and I just put a few hundred miles on it last weekend, so I know it’s reliable.

It’s not perfect. There’s some internal damage to the body plastic on the left side below the handlebar due to the clutch fluid leak. The damage is barely visible from the outside. The left mirror decided to detach on a bumpy road (the safety wire held it and prevented damage), and the mounting hardware is gone. Creative use of matching red duct tape has held it on reliably for months, but you may wish to attach it more permanently. The choke cable is stuck, but the bike starts so reliably I’ve found I don’t need it. The foam handlebar grips are torn – still usable, but could use replacement. It has a tiny oil leak, and could use a bit more polishing than I’ve had time to give it.

The bike is currently registered and insured, but is not inspected as I had intended to have the Marauder on the road by now. This sale will finance the remaining repairs on the Marauder. It can be seen and taken around the block in Acton, MA. I’m asking $3000 for it, and I have the title in hand. Drop me an e-mail if you’re local and would like to take a look. I’m not interested in shipping it.

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