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Puig Clip-On Windscreen Visor


My new windshield extension arrived right on time from Revzilla. It’s super simple, and at first doesn’t look worth its $108.85 sale price for a piece of clear plastic and two small brackets. But as I assembled and installed it, I could see that the money goes into a well thought out design and high quality parts. A single Allen wrench is all you need. Naturally I lost all of mine in the move, so I took a quick trip to buy a replacement after tearing the house apart looking for them.

That was the most time consuming part of the installation. Two bolts attach each bracket to the visor, and a single bolt loosens and tightens the clamp onto the top of the existing windshield. The clamp is extremely well padded where it clamps down, and shouldn’t hurt the windshield at all. Once attached, I could see how well this should work for me. The visor is easy to raise, lower, and tilt, but the notches in its movement that hold it in place are strong and rigid to prevent vibration. Not only do I have a few heights available to me, I could hypothetically even use it as a wing to channel air down at me behind the windshield for cooling in hot weather. It’ll definitely take some experimentation once it’s warm enough to ride again.

That may happen as early as next week, according to the forecast. I’m not sure if mornings will be warm enough to ride to work yet, but with highs in the 50s and 60s and lows in the 40s, it just might be. In March. Ridiculous, but I’ll take it!

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