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bikeHi. I’m Justin. I’ve been riding motorcycles for a bit over ten years. I’ve had a fleet of older Suzuki GSs ranging from 500 to 1100cc, and a couple of Hondas before Little Wing.  I’ve enjoyed the usual cruising around, commuting, and so on, but most of my motorsport activities until recently have been related to cars – mostly autocross, with some track days, rallycrosses, and volunteering at rally events from time to time.  I still enjoy them, but lately I’ve been wanting to spend more weekends with the bike than the cars.  Since Little Wing is a small tourer with luggage, I got the idea to start doing rides longer than the day trips I’ve been doing up until now. Since the days when my only transportation was a bicycle, I’ve dreamed of doing a cross country trip someday. A motorcycle would be a great way to do it. If I’m going to, I have to start somewhere, and weekend trips on the Silverwing was a good start. I’ve since upgraded to a Honda PC800 and have started to upgrade my trips a bit as a result. You can read about some of my earlier adventures in The Wayback Machine.

The idea for this blog came from the ashes of my old one, which I never wrote regularly and hadn’t updated in well over a year. I found myself writing about the beginnings of my two wheel tripping adventures on my personal blog.  I also found that my Facebook posts about bike trips, including posts and photos during my rides, got more comments and “likes” than pretty much anything else I post.  I think the problem with my old blog is that I never quite hit my stride or found subject matter that I could keep on writing about regularly.  So I decided to completely redo my public blog (you’re looking at it) and make it about my motorcycle travels.  I started by copying the appropriate entries from my personal blog to get me started, and took off from there.

Outside of bikes, I work as a computer geek.  I live in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts.  I’m a science fiction nerd, enjoy tabletop and live action role playing games, amateur radio (KJ1H), and learning all kinds of useless facts and fiction on the internet. I’m a member of AMA, ARRL, PART, and the SCA, where I’m learning traditional archery among other things.

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  1. Nice Blog. I just got my PC800 last weekend. Been riding for 10 years as well on and off. Been renting for the last 5 years. Live on Long Island.

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