Zzz… Huh? What?

It’s been a rough four months. The Boston area received more snow than ever in recorded history, and it still hasn’t warmed up much. Just yesterday snow was still falling from the sky, and it accumulated slightly over the weekend. Normally I’d already be writing about springtime bike preparations, but we’re still dealing with “Second Winter,” which is like the Hobbit tradition of Second Breakfast, but not nearly as enjoyable.

Still, as the calendar is about to arbitrarily flip into April despite the weather seeming more like February, I’m starting to think about bikes again. I have two to sell, and one to prepare, starting with a new battery. There just hasn’t been any point to buying and installing that battery until I’m fairly certain the Marauder won’t end up sitting for a few more weeks due to even more Second Winter and going dead on me.

i have to give a shout out to Brian and Amanda for storing my PC800 this winter. If they hadn’t, I would have lost my bike in the snowbanks in my parking lot. If the condition of my bicycle is any indication, it would have been destroyed by the plows, like my bicycle’s back wheel that now closely resembles a potato chip in shape. And another shout out to Jonah, who is still storing my Silverwing, which never actually got sold.

As the calendar flips, it’s time to start trying to sell the Hondas to make room and make some money to cover the Marauder purchase and minor modifications, like a back rest. So if you’d like to own a piece of Two Wheel Tripping history, drop me a line. With a pedigree like that, I’ll have to give you a discount…

Still, it shouldn’t be long now, hopefully. The snowbanks are shrinking. The roads are growing back to full width. And I can actually see around most corners on my commute now. Someday I’ll ride again…

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