Making plans

Scheduling with my friend Brian, who has garaged the PC800 for me over the winter, has been tricky due to his work schedule. The only weekend he’s around this month was this coming one, when Elana and I were supposed to be driving a sweep vehicle at the Empire State Performance Rally. But since the rally has been postponed until the fall, I’m suddenly around, and have made plans to retrieve my bike this Sunday. Hopefully it starts!

I say that because I also tinkered with the Marauder a bit last night. I was sick all last week, but when I returned to work the replacement battery was waiting for me, so I installed it and tried to fire it up. The previous issue of lacking electrical power is solved. It cranks and cranks and cranks, but doesn’t seem to be firing. The gas was treated with Sta-Bil before its long sleep, but the tank wasn’t full, so I added a gallon of premium to dilute it a bit. It sounds like it wants to fire, but it just doesn’t. It was getting late at this point, and I didn’t feel like pulling the gas tank to access and check the spark plugs. But that’s the next step.

With temperatures finally reaching reasonable levels, it’s time to start riding again. The only question is which bike will be ready first?

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